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The museum showcases her life, work and spirituality. With her boundless heart, Marguerite made her mark in Varennes, the city of her birth, as well as in Montreal and in the world of Canadian medicine

Objects relating to Marguerite d’Youville

Period clothing


Historical documents



Discover the amazing destiny of Marguerite d’Youville,
first Canadian-born female saint, at the location of her birth in 1701

Travel back to the time in New France when Marguerite was firmly planted here, sowing the seeds of compassion, faith and love. The fruits of her labour continue to multiply today through her spiritual daughters elsewhere in Canada and in the United States.

Enter a building with large, richly coloured stained glass windows and follow in the steps of Marguerite by means of historical artifacts, costumes and archive documents. Experience her life challenges: widowhood, poverty and the fires that marked her path. Let yourself feel the wonder of her unshakeable faith in God and his Divine Providence will inspire you.